Blackriver, that's us! - Christian and Chris

We are both proud Saarland-guys who were allowed to spend their childhood in the beautiful Saarland. In the meantime we were independently of each other professionally in Stuttgart and are now back home again. We are proud to be the founders and owners of Blackriver Gin.

100% Organic- 100% Quality

In order to meet this demand also in the production we went in search of a partner. With the distillery Monter in the northern Saarland we have found the right partner for us. We have very high standards for our product and therefore set ourselves the goal of offering 100% organic quality with regional ingredients.

Distilled in the family business

Since 1846, the family business has already been operating in the sixth generation, is certified organic and has convinced us not only interpersonally, but also in terms of content from the very first meeting.

We also left nothing to chance in the design of our logo and label and enlisted the support of Markus from the corporate agency TbKE, who worked with us in several design phases to create the final version of our design.


Enjoy it!
Your Christian & Chris